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About Doctor Numb

Doctor Numb believes that pain is not considered a notable evil, something that must be endured in order to achieve a goal. But I do not share this view. I believe that pain is something that can be managed or even eliminated and that people shouldn’t do it unnecessarily.

So I set out to create a line of numbing creams that are not only effective, but safe and gentle on the skin. I work closely with a team of scientists and dermatologists to develop formulas that provide maximum pain relief without causing harm.

These ointments are used in tattooing, piercing, laser tattoo removal, hair removal methods, lip fillers, waxing and microblading.

Do you have questions about using the ointment for your treatment? Ask me via the WhatsApp button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anesthetic cream, also known as a local anesthetic, works by blocking nerve signals from pain receptors in the skin. It contains one or more active substances that have anesthetic properties, e.g. e.g. lidocaine, prilocaine or benzocaine.

When the numbing ointment is applied to the skin, it is absorbed and the active ingredient diffuses into the surrounding tissue. The active ingredient temporarily blocks the nerve signals that carry the pain or discomfort, numbing the area. This means that the person experiences less or no pain during the tattoo, waxing, laser or other cosmetic procedure. 

The ointment can be applied to the geese body. Make sure you apply a thick layer.

After applying the ointment, it takes about 15-30 minutes for the skin to become numb.

Make sure the ointment packaging is unopened and return it within 14 days to the following address: Midsummerweg 23, 7532 SW, Enschede, the Netherlands. You will receive a refund once we have received the returned products.

We ship with DHL. On average, shipping takes between 2 and 5 days.