Tattoo ointment

Pain relief with tattoo ointment

Getting a tattoo will hurt for a while. While this is somewhat part of it, there are ways to ease this pain. After all, how nice is it when you can sit pain-free and comfortably in your chair? In addition to experiencing less stress, an artist can do his job. Thanks to this, you sit comfortably and there is no need to take a break because you can no longer stand the pain. The pain-relieving solution is tattoo ointment. This ointment temporarily numbs the skin.

What is anesthetic ointment for a tattoo?

Tattoo numbing ointment is an ointment – such as TKTX or Mithra+ ointment – that contains lidocaine. This substance quickly anesthetizes the skin. Within half an hour of applying the ointment, you are ready to undergo a painful procedure. In this way, you can painlessly make a tattoo, as well as undergo a removal or piercing procedure. The ointment is safe and available without a prescription. At Doctor Numb we are happy to tell you which anesthetic ointment is best for you. After all, it partly depends on how long the procedure takes.

Contact us for more information about tattoo ointment

Would you like to receive more information about tattoo ointments? Then send an email or WhatsApp to the team at Doctor Numb. We will answer all your questions and can help you find the right ointment. The product description will tell you exactly how to use the ointment. Please read it carefully beforehand. You will need some utensils (such as adhesive foil and a towel) and the ointment should be applied half an hour before the procedure. Keep this in mind before you go to a tattoo parlour!