Lidocaine ointment

Temporary skin anesthesia with lidocaine ointment

You use lidocaine ointment to temporarily numb the skin. You do this if you want a pain-free tattoo. You can also use the ointment for other treatments that are known to be painful – such as some methods of hair removal and permanent makeup. In the Doctor Numb online store, you can buy lidocaine ointment without the need for a doctor’s prescription. The ointment is easy to apply and does its job perfectly. So you can face the painful procedure without stress.

Which lidocaine ointment is right for you?

At Doctor Numb, you can choose from several ointments containing lidocaine. Which lidocaine ointment is best for you depends on many factors. These include the area you want to numb, exactly what you are dealing with the procedure and how long it will take. If in doubt or if you want personal advice, please contact Doctor Numb. We’d love to think with you! In the product description you will find detailed information on how to apply the ointment. Remember to let the ointment soak in for half an hour before it starts working.

Order lidocaine ointment directly from our online store

Do you want to order lidocaine ointment directly? You can buy the ointment quickly and easily in our online store. Please note that we sell two types of lidocaine ointment: TKTX Ointment and Mithra+ Ointment. Mithra+ ointment works for about two hours and is ideal if you have a (large) tattoo or permanent makeup. This ointment is also great for removing tattoos. For shorter treatments – such as having a small tattoo or piercing – we recommend TKTX ointment. For more information, please contact us via email or WhatsApp. We hope to see you soon!