lidocaine ointment

Lidocaine ointment: temporarily numb the skin

Lidocaine ointment is used to temporarily numb the skin. It is used to put on or remove a tattoo, but also for all kinds of treatments. For example, piercing, permanent makeup, and some methods of hair removal (such as waxing). These treatments are often perceived as (very) painful. And while the result is worth it, it’s always nice to have a painless and comfortable treatment. You can buy Lidocaine ointment quickly and easily online at Doctor Numb. You don’t need a prescription for it.

How is lidocaine ointment used?

Lidocaine ointment is very easy to use. Thus, it begins by cleaning the skin with soap and water. Pat skin dry before applying a generous layer of lidocaine ointment. It is better to use too much ointment than too little. Let the ointment absorb for half an hour. To do this, place some cling film on the skin and the cream. After half an hour, remove the cling film and ointment with a clean cloth. You are now ready to undergo a painless treatment. The duration of anesthesia depends on the type of cream or ointment you buy.

More information about lidocaine ointment?

Do you want more information about lidocaine ointment? Feel free to contact the Doctor Numb team. We will be happy to inform you about the different ointments and creams in our range. For example, TKTX ointment works fast and well. Mithra+ ointment is known for its long-lasting effect. This is good if you’ve booked a time-consuming treatment (like getting a large tattoo or tattoo removal). For more information or help placing an order, send us an email or an app. We hope to see you soon.